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Multi tester for diamond, Moissanite, ruby, sapphire. Experior by Gemtrue

Multi tester for diamond, Moissanite, ruby, sapphire.  Experior by Gemtrue

Ref: multi-exp


Gem ID Book £25.00 instead of £29.50 £ 25.00

10X20 loupe by QUICKTEST £ 29.50 incl. VAT

Power supply £ 12.50 incl. VAT

Price: 179.00 (Including VAT)



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The top of the tester lights up, so there are no words to read, no scale of LED lights, and each result has a characteristic bleep, so you don't even have to look at the lights. This makes it particularly easy to use right-handed or left-handed.

Can tests tiny stones.

Battery (supplied)
or 9 volt power adaptor (optional).

Built-in UV light, makes the testing of some 'difficult' Moissanites more reliable

Included: carrying case, lanyard, stone-holder, polishing cloth, notepad, battery.

To see an article all about diamond testing click here.


The entire top lights up, a different colour for each of: Metal Alert (that means you missed the stone and have touched the setting), Moissanite, Sapphire/Ruby, Diamond.


Dimensions: 6¼"X1½"X¾" 155X38X20mm
Weight: 80g

Tip: can test stones down to 0.02ct (2pt) in size. They say the tip is unbreakable!

Operating temperature: recommended between 18 and 27 degrees C (64 to 81 degrees F). (though tests show it works fine down to 15 degrees C. (59 degrees F).


Power: one PP3 battery (supplied), or a 9 volt mains adaptor (not supplied)

Warm-up time when switched on: 20 to 30 seconds
Warm-up time between tests: 1 to 2 seconds


There's a switch to operate both the tester and the UV light at the same time. A UV light gives more reliable results on Moissanite. The switch on most testers gives you the option to use the tester OR the UV light but not both at the same time.


Carrying strap.

Carrying case with accessories in lid: stone-holder, polishing cloth, instruction manual. In the lid is also a note pad, so although there's no software for recording the test-results, you can use a pen.

Battery included.

{Guarantee / Reliability}

Guarantee: one year

Returns rate (those that are returned to us during the guarantee period): less than 1%.


For testing diamonds and Moissanite it's pretty close to 100%, but no tester in existence is guaranteed to give absolutely 100% correct readings every time!

For testing ruby and sapphire, if it reads ruby/sapphire there's a pretty good chance it's ruby or sapphire. However, the readings for ruby/sapphire overlap with other stones (see my chart) - a lot of chrysoberyl and topaz will give the same reading as ruby/sapphire, as will some spinel.



Even though it's not designed to work in the cold, it works fine in 'cool' conditions (down to about 15 degrees C) and, at these temperatures, I am totally unable to fool it, even with my selection of 'difficult' stones.

The results are very clear to see (and hear!), works perfectly right or left-handed, lightweight and very comfortable to hold, has a UV light, the only tester of this type to include ruby/sapphire.


Although it works OK at about 15 degrees, once you take it out on a really cold day (or test freezing cold stones) it doesn't give reliable results. A total non-response indicates 'not diamond', you might be tempted to think it means the tester isn't working.


This really is my favourite. It's not the most beautiful as regards 'latest design', and you can get a technically slightly better model if you pay twice the price, but overall it's the best for ease of use and value for money, and it has a UV light, and it tests for ruby and sapphire too.


If you are new to gemmology I recommend the book Gem Identification Made Easy. Not only is this a good guide to gemstones, it also has details of every gem tester, including hints, tips and advanced instructions. For more details of this book, click here - special discount price if you add a book when buying this item

Not as detailed, but good guide to gemstones, beautifully illustrated, is Gemstones.

The most basic item of equipment for any jeweller (and especially for buying diamond jewellery) is a jewellers loupe. The best loupe (apart from Zeiss) is the QUICKTEST 10X20, £27.50. Even a beginner will be able to see if a stone is scratched on top and chipped all around the edges (or the edges are worn smooth) or if it is full of bubbles - it will not be diamond, you will not need a diamond tester!