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Mechanical, Chinese Spring Balance, 20g

Mechanical, Chinese Spring Balance, 20g

Ref: pen-20


Add calculator with weights conversions (ref.calc-1) 3.00 £ 3.00 incl. VAT

Price: 4.90 Including VAT


0.2g. divisions up to 20g.
Length of scale 75mm, total length 220m, diameter 12mm.

LOOKS like a Swiss Pesola balances but it's a Chinese copy, not the original Swiss Pesola (which is £39.00).


£4.90 instead of £39.00 for the Pesola (Swiss) version.

Good if you want something cheap that doesn't rely on batteries; if you want something to keep it in your inside pocket at all times (like a pen); if you aleady have a digital balances but want a 'spare' for when the batteries fail in the middle of a buying trip.

CONS (compared with a Pesola)

It doesn't come with a case; the markings aren't as easy to read; the spring doesn't move as smoothly; the adjuster is stiff; the clips is stiff; the spring will rust if it gets damp.

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