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Mains-Powered Illuminated Magnifier (lightmag)

Mains-Powered Illuminated Magnifier (lightmag)

Ref: mainsmag

Price: 19.50 (Including VAT)


1.5X magnification, 90mm (3.5 inches) diameter lens,
with an 'inset' 4X magnification, 20mm diameter.

Small table-top, mains-powered, LED lights.

To read an article about magnifiers and magnification click here

Magnification / lens size in mm: 1.5X90 with 4X20.

Field of view: the main lens (1.5X) will clearly show the working area with your fingers. For reading, vertically about 20 lines, horizontally 8 or 9 words (most of the width of a paperback page). The inset (4X) lens, vertically 3 lines, horizontally 1 or 2 words.

Maximum working distance:
Main lens (1.5X) 6 inches
Inset lens (6X) about 2 inches.

Light: a rim of 60 LED lights, low-energy, bright light.

Origin / brand: we import these from China

Mounting / Presentation: Like a small table lamp, rests on the table, the magnifier is on a 'swan neck', the lens has a dust cover.

{Applications / Quality}

- for painting small models, fly-tying, repairing or inspecting anything small.

- for jewellery: gluing stones into costume jewellery, untangling chains, fine repair jobs.

- for reading (for the partially-sighted), a low-cost alternative to larger magnifiers.

Not quite what you were looking for? You want a magnifier that rests on the page for reading? We have a few of these, especially designed for the partially-sighted, see our rest-on-page magnifiers

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Almost right, but you DO need something considerably more powerful (a large single lens is ALWAYS low-power), AND it must still give stereo vision. Try the type of head-worn magnifier surgeons use click here. These are good for watch repairing or for work on micro-circuits.

{Also Wholesale}
We import these, genuine wholesale enquiries welcome.

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Availability: we usually have a few dozen of these in stock

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