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Large bench magnifier with light, 6 in. dia, lens, 2.25X magnification

Large bench magnifier with light, 6 in. dia, lens, 2.25X magnification

Ref: 6015

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2.25X magnification, 150mm (6 inch) diameter lens.

Please do not confuse this with the standard lenses you see everywhere, which are 5 inch diameter (20% smaller that this one).

Large, mains-powered fluorescent light.

To read an article about magnifiers and magnification click here


Magnification / lens size in mm: : 2.25X150

Field of view:
See the enlarged photograph, although it looks 'too good to be true', it IS a genuine photo (I took it) and I have not touched it up in any way, what you see really is 2.25X magnification.

If used for reading it will show about a third of a paperback page at a time

Maximum working distance: about 8 inches

Light: : Circular fluorescent light (28W T5, round)

Origin / brand: : we import these from China

Mounting / Presentation: : 'angle poise' arm; lens has folding dust cover; clamps to a table (clamp opens to 65mm).

{Applications / Quality}

Generally, these are for 'working under' - long working distance so that you can fit your hand underneath; high quality lens to give a very sharp image; a powerful light. And most of the lenses are large enough to see through with both eyes, so you maintain your stereo vision, which is essential when working in three dimensions, e.g. doing repairs.

This particular magnifier:

- in the antiques and jewellery trades: for renovating small paintings or small items of porcelain or glass; for repairing small items of silverware or for jewellery (chose the stronger magnification if you tend to work with VERY small items).

- in electronics: comfortable for prolonged PCB inspection, sit comfortably, sit upright.

- hobby work, for model-making and very fine needlework, ideal if you have a hobby-room or shed where you can set this up. But it is quite large, you would not necessarily want one of these clamped to your kitchen table.

- for reading (for the partially-sighted). If you have severe eyesight problems this would be better than a larger (weaker) magnifier. But all four of my partially-sighted 'testers' said, "I'm not using one of those, it's...large!"

Not quite what you were looking for? You want a magnifier that rests on the page for reading? We have a few of these, especially designed for the partially-sighted, see our rest-on-page magnifiers

Too large? Need a stand magnifier that is smaller (and more powerful) click here.

Not good enough?! Need a microscope? click here.

Almost right, but you DO need something considerably more powerful (a large single lens is ALWAYS low-power), AND it must still give stereo vision. Try the type of head-worn magnifier surgeons use click here. These are good for watch repairing or for work on micro-circuits.

{Also Wholesale}
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