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Folding phone screen magnifier

Folding phone screen magnifier

Ref: fres-phone-B

Price: (2 or fewer items) 9.50 Including VAT
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A really neat vinyl case the size of a super-slim pocket book, yet it unfolds into a stand magnifier for resting a phone.


There are two reasons.

Firstly, photos on phones are very nice, but awfully small. The phone screen magnifier makes the photos look like printed enlargements (approx. 3X magnification).

Secondly, if you watch videos (e.g. YouTube) on a phone, holding it up level with your eye gives you sore arms. Similarly, try watching the same video while lying in bed, you prop the phone up, it keeps falling over.

The photographs show the phone with and without the magnifier, both photos were taken at the same distance, the magnifier really does make the picture look that much larger.

Magnification: about 3X

Size folded: 7½ X 4¾ X 1/8 inch (190 X 120 X 4mm)

Size open: 7½ X 4¾, X 4¾ tall (190 X 120 X 120mm)

Material: vinyl cover with plastic Fresnel (flat) lens.

Colour: black (to minimum of reflections).

Presentation: printed box.

The text on the box has also reads: "mirror material, organic glass" and "material function: anti-radiation". These descriptions are not necessarily accurate.

Weight: 150g

Designed for phones but it has many other uses.

For picture postcards and photographs (makes a standard 6X4 item look like 10X6)

For small tablets (up to the size of an iPod mini). And speaking of tablets, for packets of tablets (e.g. to read the dosage).

Other ideas: make your watch into a bedside clock; read the small print on instruction leaflets when you need both hands free to...follow the instructions.

With all of the above, the phone screen viewer tilts at just the right angle to view it without bending over. However, there's another way of using it. Turn it with the base flat on a table, the magnifier parallel with the table, now you can work under it, e.g. for crafts, repairs, calligraphy, or just for writing (if your sight is poor).