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Flexible light source, large

Flexible light source, large


Price: 5.50 Including VAT



Plastic construction, longest probe, the probe 'wraps' around its case, then it's small enough to clip comfortably to a trouser pocket.


Length (overall): 30cm long (12 inches)
Length (flexible probe): 21cm (8 inches) long
Diameter at light:11mm

And when the probe is folded around its casing, it becomes 9.3cm (4 inches) X 45mm (1¾ inches) X 20mm (3/4 inch)

{Light / batteries}

Incandescent bulb

Takes two AAA batteries, included.


Torch on the end of a flexible stem, finely-focused beam, not only good for looking into the inner recesses of antiques, but good as a light source for optical gem testers:


Chelsea Filter

Refractometer (though this is not a monochromatic light)

polariscope, or merely to light the stone whilst using a jeweller's loupe.

There are many other applications: poking into inaccessible places inside computers or mobile devices...etc.

This, of course, is not to say that it can't be used as a handy pocket torch for general use, it folds up small and flat, keep one in your pocket or handbag.