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Eschenbach 2.2X illuminated newspaper reader

Eschenbach 2.2X illuminated newspaper reader

Ref: Esch-makrolux


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Price: 68.99 Including VAT


Discontinued item, there are no more once sold out.

80mm X 25mm, 2.2X magnification.

Built-in very bright LED light.

The lens is tilted towards the user for comfortable viewing. Designed to slide down a column of print when reading newspapers.

This is about the best quality rest-on-page reading lens (for the visually impaired) I have ever seen, but it is designed so that it slides easily down a column of print, it does not 'float' over the page (as do the Powerlux and Menas Lux).

I would use this as a test-lens (along with the Powerlux) to see if someone with very severe sight problems can use a magnifier, if they can't see the print through this, they might need to consider a digital magnifier.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.

Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).

Magnification / lens size in mm: 2.2X 80X25mm

Field of view: Vertically: about four lines. Horizontally: about seven words.

Lens material: plastic

Origin / brand: from Eschenbach, Germany

Presentation / extras: felt drawstring pouch

Power: three AA batteries

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, these are for reading text on anything flat, e.g. a book, magazine or newspaper resting on a table; they are designed to rest on the page, to save you the effort of holding it above the text (which is very tiring if you're reading an entire book). Includes a very bright light for extra clarity

There's a similar version (French-made) without a light, due to its shape we call it The Hedgehog, £35.00. -


Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).


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