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Diamond Selector Diamond Testers, original Japanse CULTI

Diamond Selector Diamond Testers, original Japanse CULTI

Ref: dt-culti


Gem ID Book (£25.00 instead of £29.50) - £ 25.00

Add best Moissanite tester £42.50 instead of £49.50 (moiss-4) - £ 42.50 incl. VAT

Add basic Moissasnite tester £23.50 instead of £26.50 (Moiss2) - £ 23.50 incl. VAT

Price: 37.50 (Including VAT)



Original Culti Diamond Selector II, made in Japan, not a Chinese copy (for details click here).

Battery (supplied)


8-segment LED display (turns blue and bleeps on diamond).


Dimensions: 6¼"X1½"X¾" 155X38X20mm

Weight: 105g

Tip: can test stones down to 0.03ct (3pt) in size, smaller if you have good eyesight and a steady hand.

Operating temperature: recommended between 18 and 27 degrees C (64 to 81 degrees F)


Power: one PP3 battery (supplied)

Warm-up time when switched on: 20 to 30 seconds

Warm-up time between tests: 2 to 3 seconds


Carrying case.

Battery included.

{Guarantee / Reliability}

Guarantee: one year

My best estimate is that this one will give the correct reading about 95% of the time at room temperature. To see how this compares with other "Diamond Selector II" diamond testers click here.

This really is quite good for a 'cheapie' diamond tester and definitely the best of all the Diamond Selector II models.



Exceptionally good value for a 'cheapie' diamond tester, do not confuse this with the Chinese copies (for details click here).


It only works at room temperature.
This is a diamond-only tester, it will not test Moissanite, that means that a Moissanite will show up as 'diamond' on this tester.


If you really do not want to pay much for a diamond tester, I'd recommend going for this one rather than resorting to a £20.00 diamond tester, this is good value for a 'cheapie' tester and it does work wll most of the time.