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Binocular headband magnifier, 4 lenses including 'visor' lens

Binocular headband magnifier, 4 lenses including 'visor' lens

Ref: binocmag-1003

Price: (4 or fewer items) 17.50 Including VAT
Price: (5 to 9 items) 16.62 Including VAT
Price: (10 to 19 items) 15.60 Including VAT
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Optional extra, lens cleaner (safe on all lenses) £2.55 + VAT £ 2.90 incl. VAT


LED light

Lightweight, adjustable headband.

Lens can hinged up out of the way, e.g. if you can't be bothered to take it off each time you have a visitor or drink a cup of coffee.

Comes with a box containing one huge 'visor' lens, the perfect wide-angle lens for reading (2X magnification), plus a choice of three double lenses (they simply clip in): 3.8X, 4½X, 5.5X.

Can be worn over the top of spectacles or without spectacles.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.

Suitable for reading, crafts, or for simple engineering work.
The lower magnifications give a long working distance, good for working with larger objects, e.g. fly-tying, wiring in fuse cupboards or switch rooms (its high power light helps). The higher magnifications are suitable for smaller objects such as watch movements or PCBs.

{Technical Specification}
Marked 2X mag. (should therefore be about 5" working distance)
Marked 3.8X mag. (should therefore be just over 2.5" working distance)
Marked 2.5X mag. (should therefore be just over 2" working distance)
Marked 3.5X mag. (should therefore be just under 2" working distance)


PRESENTATION: lenses housed in a plastic box, everything nicely presented in a large cardboard box. Batteries included.

POWER: takes three LR1130 batteries, included.

To buy these batteries click here

Click here for an article all about magnifiers and magnification

Click herefor an Excel program that converts magnification and working distance.

You want something smaller and more compact than a headband magnifier? You wear spectacles? Have you considered a pair of high-magnification spectacles instead? We can make them for you! - click here to see.

{Also Wholesale}
Availability: we import these, we usually have between 'several' and 'several dozen' in stock.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 48
Pack size: 12

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