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Binocular Headband Magnifier

Binocular Headband Magnifier



Optional lens cleaner (safe on all lenses) £2.55 + VAT £ 2.90 incl. VAT


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Binocular, 3X magnification, compact, elastic to go round head, a budget magnifier.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.

Very powerful for this type of magnifier (1.5X to 2.5X is more usual), which is good if you want something that is cheap and quite powerful, You do have to 'concentrate' when you look through this, but it is quite OK for occasional use, e.g. if you need to spend five or ten minutes on a particularly fiddly job.

It's also very compact, small enough to fit into a pocket...which could be useful if you had to carry it about.

{Technical Specification}
MAGNIFICATION: 3X magnification

SIZE: 20mm diameter.


PRESENTATION: thin printed cardboard box

click here. for an article all about magnifiers and magnification.

click here. for an Excel program that converts magnification and working distance.

You want something smaller and more compact than a headband magnifier? You wear spectacles? Have you considered a pair of high-magnification spectacles instead? We can make them for you! - click here to see.

{Also Wholesale}
Availability: we import these, but they are so very cheap and nasy that few people buy them and I only stock a few. I can get as many as you like to special order, I order from this particular manufacturer 4 or 5 times per year.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 1 dozen

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There is a flat-rate postage charge (on UK wholesale orders) of £10.00 + VAT