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Battery tester elecrical meter

Battery tester elecrical meter

Ref: batt-tester-2

Price: 7.50 (Including VAT)


Have you recently tried to buy a meter for testing batteries and fuses? You can't seem to buy such a simple device any more. All you will find are highly sophisticated electrical meters with dozens of settings, costing between £15.00 and £25.00. That's fine if you're an electrical engineer, otherwise you would be better off with one of these:

- the "battery test" setting measures 1.5Vto 9V, so you don't have to struggle to see how to set it for testing batteries
- the Ohms setting tests for continuity, e.g. fuses or bulbs that have blown, broken wires
- it does measure a full range of AC and DC voltages and DC current
- it's tiny, just 2 X 4 X 1 inches, so you can put it in your 'buying bag' along with your watch tools
- the terminals are hard-wired, that means you can't unplug them and lose them
- it's only £9.50 including VAT, buy one for the shop, one for the office and one to carry around