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BACTIL microscope

BACTIL microscope

Ref: kp-0118

Price: 149.00


Watson 'Bactil' binocular microscope.

The label in the door is marked August 1960.

Box 9½ X 10½ X 17½ inches (235 X 265 X 450mm)

Weight 16Kg (this is not a misprint, most full-size boxed microscopes weight between 6 and 8Kg, this one is a true monster).


The standard two-sided mirror.

Focusable sub-stage assembly with two filter-holders, diaphragm, condenser, and some extra knobs I don't really understand (see picture).
There is a standard condenser and also a dark-field condenser.

Moveable slide-holder with two sets of scales (including fine-measurement knob).

The usual focus and fine-focus knobs.


Pair of X6 (W) - I'm not sure if 'W' is for 'Watson' or 'wide angle'

Pair of X8 (Ramsden)

Pair of X10 W compensating

Single X8 W compensating


Watson B12360, Para 40mm NA .13

Watson E3925, 16mm, NA .30

Watson 47195, Para 4mm, NA .7

Bact Service W.I.G. 1/12 IN NA 1.28 "VERSAIC" oil 1mm

Details: Watson 46586, Para 2mm NA 1.3 OIL 1MM


Elaborate extension assembly marked

Japanese T adaptor, boxed with instructions: for single lens reflex and Leica cameras

Bottle of immersion oil, 4 filters and diffusers, some slide covers and a pad of tissues

Box of slides, each marked with lots of numbers, look like ink stains to me.


I've tested it on the lowest-power eyepieces and objective lenses and it certainly works. I'm not sure if I've not adjusted the eyepieces correctly for my eyes or if it is slightly out of alignment. Image is slightly dusty and fiddly to focus.

If you are looking for a powerful professional quality microscope with lots of accessories, then this one will beat any 'hobby' microscope, it will be fine, it's amazingly good value for what you get.

If you are a professional user, this would be good as a spare in the lab / workshop, though you may wish to get it serviced.

If you are a trader who wants to buy this for resale, given enough effort (not my style!) you could sell off the accessories to recover most of your money, then sell the basic microscope.