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Aumed video magnifier Eye-II (7 inch screen)

Aumed video magnifier Eye-II  (7 inch screen)

Ref: eye-II

Price: 495.00 Including VAT



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The manufacturers (Aumed) call this a "7 inch HD LCD 4 Mega Full HD Dual Lens Portable Digital Video Magnifier [no model number]"

I call this digital reader: Large (7"), ref.eye-II

Magnification 2X to 32X

7 inch screen, large enough to see several lines at a time and half the way across a page in a book (or one wide newspaper column). When you fold out its stand, it rests at a comfortable reading angle, and there's enough room for you use it for writing as well as reading.

26 viewing modes. Can also be switched from 'close-up' to 'distance'. Dozens of features.

If you want to know everything there is possibly to know about this, download the instruction manual. Incidentally, the manufacturers have left out the cover page with the title and picture. This is because they called this model "eyepad-7. I told them that if they called it an "eyepad" it would be confused with an iPad and customers would get confused and Apple might sue them.

To read an outline of video magnifiers (the quality compared with lenses, their effectiveness and features) click here.

Magnification 2X to 32X (continuous zoom), and as you zoom in and out the magnification is displayed on the screen.

Large brightly-coloured embossed buttons. The main functions can also be operated by touching the screen (the same as with a phone) or by speaking to it.

26 viewing modes (combinations of text colour and background colour). For viewing colour photographs you'd use full colour, for the severely visually impaired white on black (which is high-contrast) would be good, or simply play with the viewing modes until you find the one you like (it does remember your choice for when you next use the magnifier).

Switchable from close-up (for reading and writing) to distance (e.g. for reading signs, bus numbers, message boards etc).

You can switch on a horizontal line to help your eyes keep their place (some eye conditions make it hard to follow a line of text).

Each time you press a button, a Chinese lady speaks to you, telling you what you've just done. Fortunately, she can be turned off. You can also speak back, there is a 'voice memo' - otherwise known as a sound recorder.

Freeze-frame function, press the button the 'picture' stays on the screen, e.g. for reading labels on tins high up in the supermarket. The same function works when set to 'distance', e.g. freeze-frame a bus, then you are free to study the picture, zoom in, read the bus number - you can even 'drag' the area of interest into the middle of the screen with your finger. You can also 'freeze-frame' lots of images and save them to an SD card - I think there's a technical word for this, "a camera".

After a minute of inactivity it goes into 'calendar-clock' mode, showing a vivid display of the date and time, then after another three minutes of inactivity it shuts itself down.

There are many more features, if you want to see all of them, download the instruction manual.

Magnification: 2X to 32X, continuous zoom, i.e. you're not restricted to pre-set magnifications, you can zoom in and out to set the magnification from 2X to 32X.

Screen size: 7 inch

Exact dimensions of screen: 6" X 3.5" (155 X 90mm)

Exact dimensions of entire item: 7½" X 4¾" X 1" (195 X 120 X 22mm)

Weight: 500g (620g including its case).

Area of View:
When used on its stand on SMALL newspaper print:
- at its lowest magnification, vertically 9 lines, horizontally 8 to 10 words
- at its highest magnification, 2 to 3 letters fill the entire screen.

Viewing Modes:
26 viewing modes. Full colour, grey tones, colour-enhanced, black text on white background, white text on black background….plus dozens more.

Power: built in rechargeable batteries. USB lead included (any device that takes a USB lead will charge it) and a mains-plug charger is included too.

Extras: Leads to connect it to a charger, computer or TV; mains plug/charger; card slot for an SD card (not supplied); beautifully-designed protective case.

Other: You can turn on a bright horizonal area in the middle of the screen, this is to stop the eye wondering and jumping from line to line (a problem with some eye conditions).

When you have 'frozen' the image, you can change the viewing mode and zoom, e.g. photograph a bus, lower the magnifier to a comfortable reading position, then zoom in to see the number.

There are many more features, see then all, download the instruction manual.

{Pros & Cons}


Everything about this is nice, from the quality of the image to the layout of the buttons to the protective case. What I like most of all is the large screen. So many people complain (of both video magnifiers and reading lenses) that you can't see much of a page at a time. Well you can with this - 7 lines and most of the width of a paperback book.

If you like gadgets, you also have a reasonably competent camera, simple microscope and voice recorder.


You might be daunted, at first, to find so many features, you might have to spend time learning which features you like and which you can happily ignore.

When used as a distance viewer / camera on high magnifications the quality is poor. This is not surprising. No camera with a small lens can zoom up to 32X and take a clear picture. It is fine for reading the number on a bus as it approaches, or for use in a lecture hall, but if you try to zoom in on objects in the far distance, all you get is fuzz (it works fine as a camera on low magnifications). Similarly, for close-up, zooming in until two or three letters fill the entire screen is certainly good if it's the only way you can get to read, but don't use this as a serious microscope, the quality simply isn't good enough.


If this magnifier is to alleviate a permanent chronic eye condition and / or you are registered blind or partially sighted, you can fill in a form and we can refund the VATclick here to download the form (Word format). The first page is the form, the second page is instructions on how to email it back to us (or if you have difficulty, you can print it, fill it in with a pen, and post it to us with a stamp).