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8X30 stand magnifier with light

8X30 stand magnifier with light

Ref: 8X30-L

Price: (4 or fewer items) 14.50 Including VAT
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Optional Extra, lens cleaner (safe on all lenses) £2.55 + VAT £ 2.90 incl. VAT

8X magnification, 30mm diameter lens with three powerful LED lights and also a measuring scale that can be swung under the lens when required.

To read an article about magnifiers and magnification

Magnification / lens size in mm: 8X23

Field of view: for reading, about one word at a time.

Maximum working distance: 20mm

Light: 3 LED lights are built in. Batteries are included.

Batteries: - Takes four LR927 batteries (included).
Need more batteries? - click here

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Origin / brand: we import these from China

Construction / presentation: glass lens, black metal casing, heavy, very smart. Supplied in a carrying pouch, and a plain white cardboard box.

Measuring scale: can be swung under the lens or out of the way, as required. One side is marked in millimetres and the other in inches (16ths).

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, these are high power (like loupes) but on stands so that you don't have to hold them. Since they stand (i.e. stand flat) they are intended for use on flat objects such as stamps and coins, prints, paintings and photographs, and fabrics. Some are on 'open' stands, so you could use very fine (VERY fine) tools underneath; most have 'closed' stands - see each photograph.

Specifically, good for working under, you can easily get the tips of your fingers of both hands underneath, e.g. for small repairs; not large enough to fit both complete hands underneath. The lens quality and magnification is quite adequate for simple jobs, not good enough for detrailed inspection work such as on small PCBs.

I have discovered another use, for myself, at work. Whilst using my 'distance' glasses I can just about see the computer monitor but I can't read the numbers on some of the parcel tracking stickers, so I rest each sticker under this stand magnifer, the magnifier is just the right size, not big enough to interfere with

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Too small? Need a stand magnifier that is larger, with space to work under? See our large stand magnifiers (bench magnifiers).

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Almost right, but you DO need something considerably more powerful (a large single lens is ALWAYS low-power), AND it must still give stereo vision. Try the type of head-worn magnifier surgeons use. click here. These are good for watch repairing or for work on micro-circuits.