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5X55 Schweizer model 144202, reader with light, handheld + rest-on-page

5X55 Schweizer model 144202, reader with light, handheld + rest-on-page

Ref: sch-5X55

  • + free gift 2X-80X80   

Price: 34.99 (Including VAT)



A free Hand Reader, large, adjustable, with four lights when you purchase this item. Click here to see details of free gift.


From the German company Schweizer, 5X55 (5X magnification with a quite respectable 55mm diameter lens).

A medium-size illuminated magnifier, a good compromise between high magnification and (relatively) large size, designed for the partially-sighted (those with the more severe conditions), super-crisp vision, bright LED light.

Suitable for the partially-sighted (for general reading, this is particularly powerful) but also good for stamps and coins; prints, paintings and photos; textiles etc.

Can be used as a handheld magnifier, but it is also designed so that it can rest on the page (more comfortable for prolonged reading). Very bright LED light.

When you click on the picture to see a some larger pictures, notice the view of some print through the lens, we have not 'enhanced' the photo to make it look larger, this is exactly how it looks through the lens.

We also have several models of Schweizer on special special offere! There are several models but in very limited quantity (between 2 and 4 of each), click here to see them.

Magnification / lens size in mm: 5X55

Field of view: Vertically: about five lines. Horizontally: two to three words.

Light: LED

Lens material: Plastic

Origin / brand: from Schweizer, Germany

Presentation / extras: nice box

Power: three AA batteries (supplied)


Why is the price is so low? (the retail price is £62.00).

Because we bought a 'job lot' of Schweizer magnifiers from a large company - they bought them from Schweizer (i.e. these ARE genuine!) then decided not to deal in optics.

This does mean that once these have gone there will be no more!

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