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200g/0.001g, A&D FZ-200I-EC

200g/0.001g, A&D FZ-200I-EC


Price: 394.80 (Including VAT)



Model FZ-200 weighs down to 0.001g and up to 200g.

Approved by Trading Standards for use in trade. That means you can use this for weighing precious metals when buying by weight.

Guarantee, one year

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Auto-calibrate means these can be used anywhere, you press a button, it adjusts itself to variations in gravity (because gravity varies from location to location).

The exceptional sensitivity means that you could use it for buying gold (200g is about 6.5oz) and at the same time evaluate (though not buy by weight) gemstones and diamonds (0.001g = 0.005 carat = 0.5. When used for buying you should only note the weight down to 0.01g.

Certificate included.

{Technical Specification}
Model FZ-200g weighs down to 0.001g and up to 200g but when you are using it to buy by weight you are supposed to ignore the last decimal place and pretend it only reads to 0.01g.

STANDARD: Class II, for weighing precious metals

SIZE: weighing platform 150mm (6 inches) diameter, overall 190 X 260 X 85mm (7.5 X 10 X 3.5 inches).

POWER: mains.


Click here to read an article about approved balances

No restrictions, you can carry it around the country (if you wish) and use it anywhere for buying precious metals by weight.