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SECONDHAND 150g/0.1g by A&D

SECONDHAND 150g/0.1g by A&D



Re-calibration to use at your postcode £ 118.80 incl. VAT

Re-calibration to use at your postcode £99+ VAT

Price: 166.80 (Including VAT)


Make: A&D
Model:: EW-150i-E
Weighs down to 0.02g and up to 150g.
Mains-powered. Three month guarantee.

THIS IS A SECOND HAND A&D EW-150i-EC SCALE with new accessories:
- outer box with protective packaging (new)
- power supply (new)
- instruction manual (new)
Also included, the original Trading Standards certificate.

We are selling this as a very high quality table top scale / counter scale. If you happen to be using it in the correct location it will be approved by Trading Standards for use in trade (for buying precious metals). Otherwise, just regard it as a high quality non-approved scale.

It is approved when used in LONDON / gravity zone 9.812.
Can it be used (as an approved scale) anywhere else ?
Yes - if the gravity is the same,click here to find out how to look up the gravity zone number.

Click here to read an article about approved balances

CALIBRATION: these are calibrated for use at one location (by postcode), they cannot be calibrated by the user, if they become inaccurate they must go back to A&D then be calibrated by Trading Standards, - details.

Has special approval stickers and seals so that it can't be opened (if you break the seal, it is no longer approved) *

{Technical Specification}
RESOLUTION / CAPACITY: 0.02g / 60g then, automatically, 0.04g to 150g.

STANDARD: Class II, for weighing precious metals *

SIZE: weighing platform 110mm (4.5 inches) diameter. Overall 190 X 200 X 55mm (7.5 X 8 X 2.25 inches)

POWER: mains only (but there is a rechargeable battery pack as an optional extra).

* Approved (for use in trade) if used at the location / gravity zone listed above.


Click here to read an article about approved balances

You can use this anywhere you like if you are not using them for buying precious metals, they will work fine, there are no regulations. If, however, you are using them 'in trade' (for buying precious metals) the following applies:
- they must be use in London (gravity 9.812)
- or they can be used anywhere with the same gravity number, ,click here to look this up.