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150g / 0.1g, A&D EW-150i-EC

150g / 0.1g, A&D EW-150i-EC


Price: 359.40 (Including VAT)


Approved by Trading Standards for use in trade for use at one location: they calibrate it for the gravity in your area (by postcode).

Approved for weighing precious metals when buying by weight.

Model EW-150i-EC weighs up to 150g and down to 0.02g (this is what is displayed).
For buying precious metals it is approved for use down to 0.1g.

Good for small items of gold (150g is just under 5oz)

Click here to read an article about approved balances

Has special approval stickers and seals so that it can't be opened, and comes with a certificate to show that it is approved. As part of the approval procedure, all extra features (there are a few listed in the instruction manual) are disabled.

RESOLUTION / CAPACITY: 0.02g / 60g then, automatically, 0.04g to 150g.
but when you are using it to buy by weight you are supposed to ignore the last decimal place and pretend it only reads to 0.1g.

STANDARD: Class II, for weighing precious metals

SIZE: weighing platform 110mm (4.5 inches) diameter. Overall 190 X 200 X 55mm (7.5 X 8 X 2.25 inches)

POWER: mains only (but there is a rechargeable battery pack as an optional extra).

CALIBRATION: these are calibrated for use at one location (by postcode), they cannot be calibrated by the user, if they become inaccurate they must go back to A&D then be calibrated by Trading Standards, - details.


Click here to read an article about approved balances

{Pros and Cons}


Not at all expensive for an approved balance
Very reliable, I can confidently say that we never get these returned faulty, unless they have bee dropped or seriously overloaded.


It has to be ordered especially (which takes a few days) to be calibrated for the area (postcode) at which they will be used. They can only be, legally, used at that location as approved scales.

{Legal + Delivery time}
These are calibrated ("adjusted") by a Trading Standards Weights & Measurements technician to allow for variations in gravity. Gravity varies from place to place. You must give us the location (the postcode) at which these will be used. They will then be calibrated for that postcode. They must not be used (for buying by weight) at any other postcode.

Because these have to be calibrated to a postcode, they are 'Special Order' (not 'stock') items and CANNOT be returned if unsuitable.

Calibration takes about 7 days. If you paying for next day delivery, we will send it on a next day delivery service. But you will still have to wait the 10 days for calibration.

Where the scales will be used? Type the postcode here: