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10X Stereo microscope, long arm, with light source

10X Stereo microscope, long arm, with light source

Ref: micr-10X

Price: 165.00 Including VAT


For general inspection work in place of a 10X loupe (and 100X better than any loupe!) and also suitable for working under, though 10X is the absolute limit for holding items in your fingers and keeping them in focus (for general repair work use a large magnifier of between 1.5X and 2X).

It stands quite high and the lenses are on the end of a long arm, so you can swing it over large objects such as paintings or PCBs, or you can hold large objects in your hand, such as porcelain or statuettes. Includes a very powerful mains-operated light. Also good for small engineering jobs: turning, horology, or anything else in the realm of 'micro-engineering'.

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